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Startup Snapshot

Aug 5, 2021

[This episode was produced in partnership with CleverTap]

In 2014, Sunil Thomas, Anand Jain, and Suresh Kondamudi had left their jobs at Indian media conglomerate Network18 to start up CleverTap.

The mobile marketing platform’s birth was inspired by a recurring “painful problem” that the trio faced as engineers whenever marketers wanted to personalize their website or app in order to engage with users.

So the team built CleverTap to enable just that. While the early days of the company were challenging - it took more than two years before it would make any money - the co-founders knew they had a revolutionary product on their hands. Despite that, they never imagined it would become the multimillion-dollar business that it is today, with revenue numbers doubling every year for the past four years.

On this special episode of Startup Snapshot featuring Thomas, CleverTap’s CEO, tells the story of how the business came to be, sheds light on the early days of its operations, and discusses the lessons he’s learned from his experience.

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Featured interviewee:

  • Sunil Thomas, CEO and co-founder of mobile marketing platform CleverTap

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CleverTap helps businesses build valuable long-term relationships with customers by giving them access to real-time behavioral analytics and a platform to engage users on the right channels at the right time, with a message that resonates.

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